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Margarita, una isla caribeña que lo tiene todo

Margarita, a Caribbean island that has it all

Welcome to the amazing Margarita Island , a place full of style and fun . This Caribbean island is a tropical paradise that has everything, white sand beaches , turquoise waters, lush mountains and a relaxed atmosphere that will captivate you instantly. Here, every day feels like a vacation as you enjoy the vibrant local markets , the delicious gastronomy and the lively nightlife . Whether you are looking for relax on the beach, explore adventure outdoors or simply Immerse yourself in the local culture , Margarita is the perfect place to live a happy and exciting life .

Cerro Guayamurí in the Caribbean, Margarita Island

Immerse yourself in the lesser known side of Margarita, Venezuela, and discover the unexplored potential it offers to digital nomads . This publication reveals the island's hidden treasures, local community events and cultural experiences that will enrich your digital nomad lifestyle as you explore this Caribbean paradise.


Did you know that our island not only has beautiful beaches?

It is incredible when we get to know it a little more and it surprises us with its variety of places, here we tell you about three of them that we love:

Guayamuri Hill

A huge mountain that has an altitude of 494 meters and is located near the Portachuelo neighborhood. Awesome panoramic view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the lush tropical vegetation that surrounds the area. It has a fantastic location for nature lovers and adventurers, as you can explore the trails, discover waterfalls and hidden caves, The atmosphere is calm and the breeze is fresh , making it an ideal place to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty of this Caribbean island.

Walking around Cabo Negro on Margarita Island, in the southeastern Caribbean
Walking around Cabo Negro on Margarita Island, in the southeastern Caribbean
Abundant vegetation on Margarita Island

Laguna de la Restinga National Park

This park is impressive for its exuberance and natural beauty. You can make a boat tour on the lagoon and observe a great variety of birds and other animals that live in the place. You can also learn about the importance of conservation of coastal ecosystems and how the park plays a crucial role in its protection.

and is home to some of the most beautiful views on the island!

They also offer guided boat tours where you can explore the mangroves and see some of the local wildlife.

Copey Hill

Cerro Copey is the highest point on Margarita Island, with a height of approximately 987 meters and has become an attractive and popular tourist spot, due to its impressive panoramic views of the island and its surroundings.

In addition, it is famous for the large amount of papaya (papaya) that grows on its slopes, and the fruit has become a symbol of the place. Some tourists also climb the hill to enjoy the cool climate that is found in the highest areas and is usually atypical for a Caribbean island.

Don't think twice and come and enjoy this unforgettable Caribbean experience!